A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Color Palette

Choosing the perfect color scheme for your wedding day is imperative. It’s not always the easiest task, especially for the indecisive weds-to-be. But in terms of decor, it should be one of the first decisions made in the planning process. There are many factors to consider before saying yes to a particular color palette though, like theme and season.

Below, are a few of my favorite, timeless color palettes:

  1. Blush Pink + Rose Gold    095582a1d657339a1ff84dc3d90ab3d7.jpgReason:  gold sequins + pink = elegant and romantic Season: Romantic February Wedding  Theme:  Love, Love, Love                                                                                                                                                                
  2. Black + Whiteblack-white-gold-wedding-colors.jpgReason: elegant + timeless = classic Season: Winter Theme: Audrey Hepburn
  3. Juniper + Cranberry 482f3dbe039b7c0847ac4215549fc8e3.jpgReason: Reds + Greens = Deep and stable  Season: Late fall Theme: Beauty and The Beast
  4. Turquoise + Purple


Reason: Purples + blues = tranquil and fun Season: Spring Theme: Peacock

5. Mustard + Merlot

6b8201f216760706321cd2499d420a4a.jpg Reason: Magenta + yellow = bright and fun Season: Sweet, sweet summer time Theme: Lemonade stand

Stay tuned for more color palettes!

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