When Going Wrong Goes Right: My First Solo Coordination


On April, 7th 2017 at Canyonwood Ridge, I, Paris Brianna Lynch, learned all of the many details that go into planning a wedding.

As an intern, I had gotten used to showing up to weddings the day of, following a copy the timeline, assisting in set-up, ushering, and cleaning up afterwards.  I had no idea of all the many details that go into making the magic happen and marrying two people in a well-coordinated union of love.

A day of coordination is intense, especially when you are in the final stretch of your last semester of college, have a day job and are trying to maintain a social life.  A lot goes into a day-of-coordination – it’s not just a celebrity appearance that planners make on a couples big day.

My boss cut the cord when she promoted me to assistant planner and suggested that I coordinate a wedding on my own.

I was excited, but nervous.

And surely, everything that could possibly go wrong on my first solo coordination…did!

Don’t get me wrong, the wedding was beautiful and the couple was happy, but the stress was REAL for ya girl.

I showed up to the venue at 9 AM and didn’t rest my feet until after the send-off at Midnight.

Little details that were overlooked by myself, the bride and the venue came back at the thirty minutes before the reception to haunt us.

I had to make decisions and call shots that I had not been used to making, like how to prioritize my time when the ceremony starts in thirty minutes, but the alcohol that the couple ordered can’t be served during cocktail hour and all of the centerpieces in the ballroom were not set.

The timeline that we had spent a ton of time making up until the day of the wedding, changed entirely due to may factors. At that point, we just went with our best judgment in what we thought would be best, and all of the vendors had to do the same. This wedding consisted in a lot of running back and forth and sending messages to and from the bride to all of the vendors.

This wedding taught me a lot about the behind-the-scenes and actual coordination that goes into planning a wedding. I learned that in work and life, you have to be flexible, expect the unexpected, and roll with the punches. Every time that something wouldn’t go as planned, I would tell myself that the show must go on.

During our dinner break, the other planners and myself enjoyed watching the sun set on the archway that we had spent 2 hours and 2 attempts perfecting for the ceremony.  The stress of things not going as planned was gone in that moment of watching the sun set in the beautiful hill country.


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