Say Yes to ATX: Tie the Knot in the City of Surprises!

Weddings are like snowflakes, no two weddings have been the same.

In my experience as a wedding planner, I have learned that surprises and the unexpected are to be expected in the event industry, especially in the city of Austin, Texas.

One wedding in particular that our company, AWE Events, coordinated last spring was an actual surprise. No, really, the bride and groom didn’t tell any of the guests that they were planning to get married. I’m sure you are wondering how this went down. Don’t worry, when the bride proposed the idea to our company, we wondered the same, but were absolutely thrilled to take on this wedding. Not only was the wedding a surprise, but it was at Palm Door on Sixth.

photo courtesy of Drophouse Design 

The bride and groom shared the same birthday, and were notorious for their outrageous sixth street birthday parties. The couple had two children and were unsure if the traditional wedding ceremony was for them. The couple had not been engaged and knew that none of their friends would catch on to the fact they were planning to get married on their birthday.

Despite the questionable stares from guests, our planning team of little ladies in black coordinated a successful surprise, Sixth Street wedding. No big deal.

In my opinion, this wedding defined what it means to have a wedding in Austin, Texas – unique, fun, and full of surprises.

Instead of a classic cake, the bride chose to have Moojo Gourmet Cookies cater to the venue. Even though the ceremony was on Sixth Street, little details, like cookie sandwiches, made the party kid-friendly.

Another unique detail the couple chose to implement in their Austin wedding was the bride wearing a tutu in place of a traditional wedding gown.

After dinner, which was catered by East Side King  (a Japanese food truck), the couple finally made their surprise entrance. The two walked to the front of the aisle and announced to the guests that they had a surprise for everyone. Our planners then gave their two children a banner to walk down the aisle that read “THIS IS HAPPENING!” The officiant walked out and BOOM! The friends and family of this awesome couple were witnessing a wedding ceremony that they had probably been waiting years to watch.

Basically, Austin is an amazing city to marry, but you are going to need planners – surprises of all sorts are inevitable. Stay tuned for more on planning shenanigans!








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