Plan Your Own Wedding: The Best Wedding Websites

Photo by The Knot

In previous posts, I’ve offered expert advice in planning for those just starting out or interested in the event industry. My posts have also covered a great deal about the evolution of wedding traditions and planning.

Hopefully, you all have a fair understanding of what event planning entails.

We can all agree by now that wedding planning is overwhelming. Questions arise like, ‘where should I go to find the perfect vendors?’ ‘How do I stay organized throughout the process?’ ‘What about a budget?’

Hiring a professional planning service is one option, which as a planner, I do recommend considering. But, for brides who decide the option of planning for themselves, there are several helpful online websites to choose from. From finding the perfect venue to finding the right stationary, choose from this list for the website that best suits your planning and design needs.

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The Knot is the most well-known wedding website in the nation. Husband-and-wife pair Carley Roney and David Liu’s mission as owners is designing the site as an online planning tool for weds-to-be. On the site, couples can discover their signature style, get organized with a checklist and budget, get connected with local vendors (vendors, you can also join with a membership fee), ask any questions, and create a registry to share their story with guests. Pretty awesome site, right?

Wedding Wire, like the Knot, is a popularly known online planning site. The Website has a toolbar where you can find planning tools that cover details from a guest list to a hashtag generator, venue and vendor locators, and forums for planning advice. Wedding Wire is also available digitally on the app.

While the Knot and other sites primarily focus on planning needs, Minted takes care of all things design for every occasion. Get connected with the best independent artists to bring you one-of-a-kind designs: shower and celebration invitations,  day of essentials, and post-wedding thank you cards and gifts ! Similar to Wedding Wire and the Knot, Minted let’s members create their own website.





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