The Discovery of Paris

photo by Jasmine Hills 

My name is Paris. How’d I get this name, you ask? Great question.

No, I was not born in the capital of France, and even though we share the same birthday, I am not named after the hotel heiress Paris Hilton, either. As you can imagine, this is a commonly asked question.

After not being able to provide an explanation to this question for about 18 years, I finally decided to inquire about the meaning of my name. My mother was flattered by my curiosity and great interest in her reasoning for giving me this “unique” name. Her response was just as compelling as I had hoped.

My mother, Destini (yes, that’s spelled with an I), essentially named me when she was eleven years old, almost as if it were her destiny (pun intended) to have a child named Paris. She wrote a story about a young lady named Paris who was an adventurer, believer, dreamer, and above all else, a lover. My mother formed such a special connection to this character that she decided to name her first born child in its honor.

Needless to say, I was no longer bothered when asked about my name, considering how much meaning went into it. My mother had taught me from a very young age that to give things meaning is to give them value and purpose. Therefore, learning about the meaning of my name provided me with a newfound sense of value, purpose, and direction to my life that I so desperately needed at the time.

I’d changed my major for the fourth and final time to Public Relations. I started saving up money that I had earned from babysitting to go on short trips around the U.S. to places that I’d never seen. I began searching for internships that would stimulate my inner restlessness, and allow for a broad range of networking opportunities. Eventually, I channeled my never-ending curiosity into traveling, my many ideas into writing, and need for constant stimulation and variety into Event Planning.

AWE Events holiday party – courtesy of Anna Owens 

I strive to live a life of never-ending learning, variety, connecting and communicating with the world. Today, if you were to look at any of my social media handles, it would read: PR student, Event Planner and Nanny. My dreams and ambitions match up quite nicely, all thanks to my mother.

I currently work in the event industry, and have acted as the CEO’s right hand for a little over a year. I’ve also worked as a part-time nanny throughout the entirety of my college career, and have acted as children’s third parent for roughly four years.

Yes, this is my fifth and final year of college. I’m sure many can relate to the struggle of having to balance working, a full course load, and a personal life, right? My young adult life has certainly been somewhat of a balancing act. C’est La Vie. I could not be happier with my current place in life. I remind myself everyday that “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” These are wise words to live by, and to take into consideration when choosing a major or career path.


(photo by Google images)

There’s just something about sharing love and connecting with others on a daily basis that keeps the blood running through my veins and heart pumping. Connecting and communicating with various types of individuals through various types of platforms is crucial to surviving in this industry, which is why I love Event Planning and am a Communications Major.

Ideally, I’d love to own an event agency in Austin, Texas – coordinating mostly destination weddings. If you’ve ever experienced Austin traffic, which I’m sure many of you have, you would agree that Austin is the city to be in! Also, who doesn’t love experiencing the world while working?

In my opinion, the world needs more love and positive communication. As a Public Relations student, Event Planner, and Nanny, it is my job to spread this love through the act of communicating. With that being said, I will be covering many aspects of Event Planning throughout my blog, including: history, clientele, design, and networking.

Well, thanks for listening to to me rant about myself. Hopefully, this blog will inspire the manifestation of each and every one of your dreams and aspirations. I look forward to sharing my visions and thoughts with you all in hopes of bringing my own dreams of event planning to fruition, via this blog, Planning by Paris. I will include personalized and local images in my posts. I also hope to connect with you all through Youtube videos and other forms of relevant media.