Keep ATX Corporate Events Weird

Whether you want to build better relationships between management and staff, celebrate an accomplishment or simply want to let loose and have a good time outside of the office – entertainment is a crucial component of any event!

Luckily for your corporation, Austin, Texas is home to endless talent and entertainment—from Aerial Performers, to Panic Rooms—there’s no reason to have a bland company gathering!

Liven up the next company soiree, by taking advantage of what this city has to offer! Capitalize on any of these entertainment options, and expose your company to the hip-happenings that make Austin, well, Austin!


  1. Aerial Performers                                                                                                                       Keep Austin Weird, Keep Corporate Events Weird! Introduce your company to some of the unique talent that they may otherwise miss out on by being in the office and working for you. It’s the least you could do, Boss! Alleviate your employees of the monotony of spreadsheets and deadlines, such as hiring a Hula Hoop and Aerial Dancer like Corean Gonzales. Corean has received excellent reviews from corporations nationwide, as being a “Fantastic Performer” and “Hit of the Party”. Give your company the opportunity to learn about flexibility inside and outside of the office, by booking with this gifted aerialist!  ROB
  2. Rock Star Speakers
    If your team is in need of a little motivation, hiring a guest speaker is an exceptional idea! Not just any speaker, of course. Hire a speaker like Robb Overholt, who has a comedic approach to motivational speaking and gifted guitar picking, which provides for life altering experiences. Talented guest speakers are guaranteed to inspire, educate, and engage. Go ahead; unleash your company’s inner rock-star! ABS
  3. Austin River Boat
    Want to treat your employees to a Mediterranean Cruise, but lack the funds? Well, rumor has it that living in Austin is sometimes like being on vacation! What better incentive is there to move your next event to the great lakes of Austin and take your company on an adventure in their own city? Book with  Lone Star Riverboat  Choose from three different boat selections, and enjoy the narrated sightseeing of Austin, Texas!Jester-King-Brewery_170547
  4. Brewery Tours
    Booze: what many would argue to be the single most important component to any social event! Though your employees’ enjoyment is imperative, so too is their safety. This is where Austin Brewery Tours comes in to  take care of everything, including transportation, facility tours, and tastings. Join them for a visit to the Farmhouse Brewery at Jester King, or Belgian Beer tour at Adelbert’s!  teepees
  5. Tepee Rentals
    Routine and predictably from the work place shouldn’t extend to social gatherings. So, why not surprise your employees by ditching the plain white tents, used every year at the annual parties in exchange for tepees? Pretty radical idea, huh? Mingling in a progressive and aesthetically pleasing environment makes for free-flowing conversations that could potentially birth new and innovative ideas for your company. Coined as being ‘unique, intimate, and versatile,’ Indie House Tepee Rental’s are definite conversation-starters, which can be perfect for your company’s next launch party, or savvy-chic gathering. Austin-Party-Band-Cedar-St.-800x600
  6. Austin Party Band                                                                                                                     When has live music ever been a bad idea? Probably in the history of never. Dubbed as the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas, is the place to track musicians for your event. Austin Party Band, aka APB, is a prime example of the energy you want at your company’s next event! APB is a hybrid group of six musicians, who have performed with Grammy award-winning musicians like, Jason Mraz, and at various music festivals around the world. Keep your company’s endorphin’s up by booking with this group of multifaceted musicians. PANIC
  7. Austin Panic Room                                                                                                                  Nothing says teamwork like being trapped in a room with nine other colleagues and having to escape in under an hour. The Austin Panic Room  is a growing trend for corporations, for only $20 per person. If leadership and team building is what your company is looking for, then the panic room is a terrific fit! Escape the blizzard! Break out of prison! Hurry, reserve your company a room online. BLOG PIZZA
  8. BOLA-PIZZA                                                                                                                                                    It’s a universally understood fact that food has the power to unite any group of people together, especially PIZZA! Who doesn’t love a good pizza? Well, if you didn’t before, you will after having it prepared right in front of your very eyes by some of Austin’s most innovative-pizza-geniuses. Let’s be honest, complaints at a party are highly unlikely when there’s dinner AND a show. Forget about delivery – that’s far too mainstream for your company! Book with Bola Pizza Catering instead – they bring their oven to you!elvis
  9. Impersonators                                                                                                                             Ah, the classic Elvis impersonator! Oh, and let’s not forget about Marilyn Monroe. If you’re looking to revive some classic talent, then hiring a local Impersonator is a splendid idea!  Impersonators are a refreshing option that can lift a company’s spirits entirely. Choose from politics, sports, music, or comedy to find the best fit for your company’s next event. Employees won’t be able to help falling in love with them!ifly
  10. iFLY                                                                                                                                                    Are energy levels in the office low? If so, indoor skydiving is a definite way to boost adrenaline levels in employees. iFLY of Austin, Texas is quoted by Dana Clark of Dell to be the “Best. Team. Builder. Ever”. So grab your team, and choose from one of the customizable packages that include everything from catering to transportation.  Your company should leave with a newfound confidence, creativity, and sense of camaraderie!


This is my first written article on Corporate Events – published during my internship with AWE Events!

Hope you’ve enjoyed.

-Paris Lynch